Beer Can Appreciation Day – January 24

Pshhhhst! Can you hear that sound?  It’s the sound of a fresh beer opening!  Happy Beer Can Appreciation Day!  Eighty-nine years ago, in 1935, the first beer can was introduced. In a can, beer is kept at its peak freshness – no air or light can penetrate. Since the inside of the can has a special lining, the can’s metal never touches the liquid gold inside. (Bottled beer lovers, take note!) Also, beer in cans cools down faster than bottles when in a fridge or an icy cooler.

We appreciate the utility of the beer can for sure, but let’s talk now about the outside of the beer can.  Breweries have really taken can label art to the next level, haven’t they?  Talented artists working for the breweries use their beautiful designs to help to give their breweries a certain identity and style. Examining the artwork in Beer Towne’s 7 cooler doors full of local Pittsburgh and exclusive beers is an awesome experience.  Sometime when you’re waiting for your Sir Pizza Pine Twp to be ready, come into Beer Towne to check out the labels!  Some of the artists that we particularly appreciate and follow are from Hop Farm Brewing Co. , Butler Brew Works, Grist House Craft Brew and Coven Brewing. But those are only some of our favorites! There is so much cool artwork – stop in to check the cans out, and let’s discuss your favorite beer can illustrations! By the way, @misspiperandmrfitz artisans sell their beautiful earrings made from beer can labels at Beer Towne! You need to make a trip just to see them!  

Here are some other fun facts about beer can history:

*A New Jersey based brewery called Kruegers released the first beer can.

*Beer can production slowed during WWII as metals were needed for battle, but after the War, canned beer became mainstream again.

*In 1969, canned beer sales exceeded sales of bottled beer for the first time.

*Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale was the first beer to be hand canned in 2002.  Nowadays, many small breweries hand can, and lots sell ‘crowlers’ which are canned right in front of the customers. Cool stuff!