Kegs & Barrels

Whether you own a kegerator or are throwing a party and need a tap and tub, we've got you covered! At Beer Towne, we can order a variety of beers by the barrel for you. If available, kegs typically arrive within the week. Beer straight from the barrel is fresh and fun — please note, though, that there's a lot of beer in those barrels! Here's the breakdown:

  • ⅙ barrel = 55 12oz servings
  • ¼ barrel = 82 12oz servings 
  • ½ barrel = 165 12oz servings

Premium / Domestic

Premium/domestic beers can be ordered by the ¼ or ½ barrel.

Among the brews that can be ordered are:

  • Bud Light
  • Budweiser
  • Coors Banquet
  • Coors Light
  • Iron City Light
  • MGD 
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Miller Lite
  • Miller High Life
  • Yuengling
  • Yuengling Light

and many more!

Import / Craft / Local

An array of import, craft, and local beers generally are available by the ⅙ or ½ barrel.  

Among the beers that can be ordered are:

  • Brew Gentlemen
  • Cinderlands
  • Dancing Gnome
  • Dogfish Head
  • German beers
  • Grist House
  • Hitchhiker
  • Lagunitas
  • Southern Tier
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Stella Artois

and many more!

Seltzers / Ciders

A variety of ciders and seltzers are also available by the barrel:

  • Angry Orchard Cider
  • Bold Rock Cider
  • Smirnoff Rose Seltzer
  • Truly Wild Berry Seltzer

Root Beer

1919 Classic American Draft Root Beer, made with pure cane sugar, is available by the keg and is a great addition to any party — hello, root beer floats! 

Taps and tubs are available to rent at Beer Towne. Import beers sometimes need a special tap, just let us know your needs! If you need help tapping a keg, here's a great instructional video.

Please call us at 724-687-7837 or send an email to to order your keg today!