Friday Featured Samplings at Beer Towne

Every Friday night at Beer Towne, there’s a Featured Sampling Event, starting at 4 pm.  When Karen and Kevin opened Beer Towne, they thought that hosting samplings would be a great way to introduce customers to ALL of the flavors inside the store. Sometimes, a brewery sends a representative to help sample, and they come, usually from 4-6pm with swag and a variety of their latest brews. Most often, though, Karen, Pete, and Kevin give samples of something new or interesting that they are anxious to share. Their motto is, “You don’t have to buy it – just try it!” 

We rotate beer styles weekly in order to please everyone.  Here are some beers next up in our Sampling lineup:

*Von Trapp Brewery (Stowe, VT)

*Sour beer styles, including a Cellarworks smoothie (Sarver, PA), a gose, and a berliner weisse

*Hofbrauhaus Freising Jagerbier, Dunkel, and Hefe Weiss

*White Claw & Truly 8% vs.12% ABV versions

*Bell’s Oberon 

When the weather is warm enough, we put up a tent outside our store and have the Sampling Event outside!  Look for us, inside or out, every Friday night starting at 4 pm!

FUN FACT: Since there are so many beer, cider, seltzer, and malt beverage items – some of which rotate every week! – we could taste 3 different items weekly in perpetuity and not ever get through all of our inventory – at least not in the lifetimes of Karen and Kevin!