Fun Facts About PA Beer Laws

PA Beer Laws are confusing! Here’s the scoop!

  • In 2016, Gov. Tom Wolfe signed laws that loosened restrictions on beer sales! For the first time, beer distributors were allowed to sell beer in small amounts – before then, beer was only sold in full cases.  At that time, grocery stores and gas stations were also allowed to buy licenses to sell beer (see below).
  • Beer Distributors have a different type of license than grocery stores and gas stations. We are allowed by law to sell beer in any quantity – no limit. Grocery stores and gas stations have restaurant licenses – they need to have food, seating, and can only sell 192 fl.oz. at a time. Everyone is required to produce ID at these stores.
  • Beer Distributors are allowed to sell cider and fermented fruit beverages (wine-based products) only if they are at or under 8.5% alcohol.   
  • Beer Distributors are not allowed to sell any distilled beverages – vodka, whiskey, rum, etc.  That’s why we can’t sell High Noon, Stateside, Cutwater… Everything at the beer distributor is made from malted (fermented) barley or other grain. You’ve gotta get distilled beverages at the PA Wine and Spirits Store.
  • Hard slushies sold in beer distributors in PA are required to have a label/sticker over the opening which stops the customer from drinking them in the store – our license dictates that we are selling for ‘off-premise’ consumption. 
  • Beer Distributors are allowed by law to offer samples of up to one serving (of the smallest size available).
  • Any other questions?  Ask the experts at Beer Towne! 🙂